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Company Profile

Established March 23, 1966
Capital 47 million yen
Shareholders Officers and employees of the Company and the employees’ shareholding association
Representatives Shigeki Yasugi, President
Number of Employees 217 (as of July 2015)
Number of
Certified Specialists
Licensed real estate appraiser 101 Second-class architect 6
First-class architect 11 Real estate counselor 8
Compensation consultant 27 Land readjustment expert 6
Registered real estate consulting technician 6 Condominium rebuilding advisor 5
Redevelopment planner 9 MAI 2
ARES certified master 33 Soil environment controller 2
Certified Public Accountant 1

Registered surveyor, Registered assistant surveyor, Redevelopment coordinator, Registered real estate transaction specialist, Condominium consultant, Condominium management expert, Securities analyst, Public consultant on social and labor insurance, Building surveyor, Professional engineer (construction), Assistant professional engineer (construction, environment)
Business registrations
Real estate appraisal business Registered in 1969 By the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Registration Number: (13)-30
First class architectural office Registered in 1976 By the Governor of Osaka Prefecture
Registration Number: (Ri)-6310
Registered in 2008 By the Governor of Tokyo Prefecture
Registration Number: 54740
Registered in 2009 By the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture
Registration Number: 1-21013
Compensation consultant business Registered in 1984 By the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Registration Number: Ho(20)-176
(industrial associations)
Japanese Association of Real Estate Appraisal Japan Compensation Consultant Association
Miyagi Association of Real Estate Appraisal The Association for Real Estate Securitization
Tokyo Association of Real Estate Appraisal The Urban Renewal Coordinator Association of Japan
Aichi Association of Real Estate Appraisal Urban Renewal Association of Japan
Osaka Association of Real Estate Appraisal All-Japan Association of Land Readjustment Experts
Kyoto Association of Real Estate Appraisal World Wide Fund for Nature Japan
Nara Association of Real Estate Appraisal Building and Equipment Life Cycle Association (BELCA)
Fukuoka Association of Real Estate Appraisal Japan Council of Shopping Centers
Japan Association of Real Estate Counselors Research Center for Property Assessment System
(academic societies)
Japan Association for Real Estate Sciences Japan Association of Real Estate Financial Engineering
Japan Land and Environment Institute
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Profile of Our Affiliated Company

Company Name I-search Co., Ltd.
Locations Head Office In Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal, Palaceside Building, 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0003 Japan
Company Name Daiwa Real Estate Advisory Services
Locations Head Office Bunei-Ogawamachi Building3-7-3 Kandaogawamachi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0052 Japan
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Company History

1966 Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal Office is established
1967 Reorganized Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd.
1969 Opens the Nara Office
1970 Opens the Kyushu Office
1972 Opens the Tokyo Office
1976 Establishes the Compensation Department
1979 Opens the Kitakyushu Office
1986 Establishes the System Valuation Department
1989 Opens the Kobe Office
1990 Opens the Kyoto Office
2000 Establishes the Information System Department
2002 Establishes the Consulting Service Department
2005 Establishes the Securitization Valuation Department
Opens the Nagoya Office
Renames the Tokyo Office to the Tokyo Head Office
2006 Establishes the Business Promotion Department
Opens the Tohoku Office
Establishes the Engineering Report Department
2009 Renames the Consulting Service Department to the Real Estate Consulting Department
2011 Establishes the Redevelopment Department
2012 Merges the Securitization Valuation Department into the Appraisal Department
2014 Renames the Engineering Report Department to the Architect Engineering Department
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Organization Chart

Organization Chart

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